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Macy's Stands Up For Trans Rights

Macy's recently made the right call concerning a employee complaint about a transgender patron. And that has them on the hit list of hate groups like the Liberty Counsel who allege that the employee was fired because of her "sincerely held religious objection" to transwomen using the ladies changing room.
Johnson pointed out to management the consequences of the policy and the potential danger to women and offensiveness of the policy, as well as that it violated her religious beliefs. She was fired. Natalie's situation represents what we're going to see around the country if we have this LBGT agenda continue to advance. It literally has become the theatre of the absurd," Staver offers. "This policy at Macy's is fraught with problems -- it will alienate and offend the majority of their customers, particularly women," he continues. "They obviously do not, nor should they have to put up with, men using the women's fitting rooms."
The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer rushes in to declare the incident "Homosexual Bigots Commit Hates Crimes, Part 14."
This action on Macy’s part was clearly motivated by its prejudicial bias against this woman and her religious convictions. To be told you will lose your job unless you violate your conscience is both a threat and harassment. Well, you can’t be any more annoyed, threatened, intimidated or alarmed than to be told your job depends upon ditching everything you know to be true about gender and freedom. And talk about a hostile environment! Macy’s is now so hostile to Natalie Johnson that she can’t even go to work there anymore.
And of course, here's today's AFA poll of the day.

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