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Third Russian State Sees Anti-Gay Laws

The Russian oblast of Kostroma is considering legislation banning the "promotion of homosexuality." Local activists say such laws effectively outlaw gay pride parades, gay publications, and gay websites.
The amendments proposed by the the Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Health are to outlaw any action aimed to promote pedophilia, homosexuality (sodomy and lesbianism), bisexuality, transsexuality to minors. The parliament is expected to consider the amendments before year end. The authors of the bills noted that "such legislation is already operating successfully in some regions of the country." According to MPs, a ban would protect the morals of the family, to preserve the physical, mental and spiritual health of young people. Even though such laws are an abvious restriction of the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution, the Constitutional Court said the opposite in its decision delivered in January 2010 against activists of GayRussia who were arrested and charged for propaganda of homosexuality in Ryazan.
Earlier this year a similar bill was approved in the oblast of Arkhangelsk. Still pending is the "don't say gay" bill in St. Petersburg.

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