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NEBRASKA: State GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Repeal LGBT Rights Statewide

Nebraska GOP Rep. Beau McCoy has introduced a bill that would overturn the very few local LGBT rights laws across the state. McCoy's bill stipulates that only the state has the right to create protected classes of citizens.
McCoy's proposed bill would amend state law to prohibit local governments from creating new classes of residents protected from discrimination. "It just merely says that if we're going to change the protected classes ... we need to come to the Capitol to do it so that it's consistent across the state," McCoy said. "If it's the right thing to do, it ought to be the right thing to do border-to-border, not just in one city or municipality." McCoy refused to say whether he'd support a "uniform" statewide proposal to include gay people as a protected class.
RELATED: A similar bill was passed last year by Montana's House, but ultimately failed. (Tipped by Aksarbent)

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