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NOM: We're Gonna Repeal NY Marriage

Here's a message from Fantasyland:
Our fight to repeal New York's same-sex marriage law will escalate in 2012. NOM has pledged $2 million to oppose pro-gay marriage legislators who betrayed us on marriage. We must send an emphatic message to the "business-as-usual" crowd in Albany: sell out your constituents at your own risk! Over the years, NOM has defeated every pro-gay marriage Republican we have ever targeted. With your help, we will continue that trend in New York. We will win for New Yorkers their right to vote on a statewide referendum to uphold marriage and, I've no doubt, restore the definition of true marriage in the Empire State. Will you help fund our 2012 campaign in New York by making one special gift to the NOM NY PAC right now?
As we've mentioned here many times, New York's constitution does not allow public referendums on existing or proposed laws. NOM would have to convince the state legislature to approve a constitutional amendment which would allow the public to vote on their decisions. That ain't gonna happen.

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