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SAN DIEGO: Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Backed By Major Prop 8 Supporter

In the above tweet openly gay San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio thanks local business mogul Terry Castor for his support. Which may seem quite strange to you, since Castor and his family collectively donated almost $700,000 to Proposition 8, more than any other group in the city. San Diego City Beat observes:
According to a March 2008 story from the U-T San Diego, Terry Caster said he supported Prop. 8 because, “Without solid marriage, you are going to have a sick society.” The Casters have some other odd ideas on what constitutes a "solid" marriage. So, it was surprising to see this tweet from mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio earlier today. DeMaio is gay and in a committed relationship with the publisher of the online San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. When DeMaio first ran for City Council, in 2008, he declined to take a position on Prop. 8, but has since become more active in the gay community. But though his mayoral campaign's "coalitions" include an LGBT group, DeMaio's made it clear that gay-rights issues won't be part of the campaign.
So we have an openly gay candidate who isn't interested in gay rights and who is being backed by a local corporate giant that's still being boycotted over Prop 8. How very odd...oh WAIT. He's a teabagging homocon. Mystery solved.

RELATED: San Diego's current Mayor Jerry Sanders can be seen in the clip below this post. You may recall that Sanders gained worldwide attention for his tearful on-camera change of heart on same-sex marriage. Sanders will be term-limited out of office in November.

UNRELATED: DeMaio's office staff was busted for writing and making edits on his Wikipedia page.

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