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SPLC Protester Pastor Patrick Wooden:
All Gay Men End Up Needing Diapers

THIS is the batshit crazy douchebag that Porno Pete has been promoting all week. Wooden is also one of the architects of North Carolina's anti-gay marriage amendment.

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It’s easy for African Americans when they’re not thinking, when they’re not thinking, to equate their beautiful blackness, their beautiful skin color, those of us who are darker than blue, it’s easy for us to equate given the history of the country our plight with those who want civil rights status based on who they have sex with, and it’s deviant, ungodly, unhealthy sex at that. I think that every African American ought to be appalled, ought to be angry, and should begin to wave their fist in the air and declare black power and say to the homosexual lobbyists, the homosexual groups, how dare you compare your wicked, deviant, immoral, self-destructive, anti-human sexual behavior to our beautiful skin color.

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