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MISSOURI: Alliance Defense Fund Sues To Force Anti-Abortion Posters Into Schools

The Alliance Defense Fund has filed suit in Missouri to force public schools to allow students to place anti-abortion posters on school walls. According to the ADF, if the school allows "political" speech like posters supporting the anti-bullying Day Of Silence, they must also allow anti-abortion posters.
A lawsuit that has been filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, southern division, by the Alliance Defense Fund that alleges violations of the First and 14th Amendments as well as the Missouri Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The claim in federal court, brought on behalf of J.A., “by and through her next friend, Jodie Anderson,” pinpoints the district’s “censorship of plaintiff’s religious, pro-life flyers and plaintiff’s public announcement over the intercom inviting students to participate in the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.” “The district previously has allowed the posting of materials, including: posters for the Day of Silence in support of students who feel bullied based upon their sexual orientation.

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