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Swag Tuesday

Today's Swag Tuesday prize is two tickets to Evolution Of A Dancer, this Sunday's epic ten-hour journey through the history of gay dance music. Starring legendary DJs Susan Morabito, Michael Fierman, and John Ceglia, the party takes place at Le Poisson Rouge in Manhattan's West Village. Doors open at 6pm and the aural excursion begins with the '70s music of the famed 12 West club.

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JMG: Can you explain the "evolution" in the party's name?

Michael Fierman
The title “Evolution Of A Dancer” came out of our notion to present a completely unique dance event: one that told a musical story in a literal chronological order. A dancer, no matter what his or her age, can step on to the floor and be taken on a trip to hear and feel how dance music has evolved. How one movement in dance music follows another. One will not only recall some precious memories of clubs gone by, but also experience the music of today through the lens how “how we got here”. This is not just another oldies party by any means. By 11PM we will have reached the 21st century and all three of John, Michael and Susan’s one hour encores beginning at 1 AM will feature uplifting new music that is in keeping with our goal: not just to preserve the past, but to keep our community’s dance music alive and well into the future.
JMG: What kind of audience will this party draw?

Susan Morabito
We anticipate having an audience who remember music from all the decades we will be covering. Those who remember the music from the 70s will most likely get there on the earlier side and as the night progresses with each hour the music moves along the decades right up to current times. As the music evolves the crowd will most likely shift a little. And of course, like last year, we had people who were there from the first note until the last. Though this will be a prominently gay male dance event, the number of women who attended this event last year was delightfully surprising and we expect more women to be in attendance this year. Evolution of a Dancer is a celebration of music and dancing, it doesn’t cater to any particular group, Evolution of A Dancer is an inclusive event.
Enter to win tickets to Evolution Of A Dancer by commenting on this post. Only enter once and please remember to leave your email address in the text of you comment. Entries close at midnight on Thursday, west coast time. If you cannot be in Manhattan on the day of the party, your winning entry is transferable to your favorite dance lover. I attended last year and had a fantastic time.

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