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Brazilian Hate Leader Defends Scott Lively

Infamous anti-gay activist Julio Severo, the Brazilian counterpart to Peter LaBarbera, has published a blog entry defending evangelist Scott Lively, who this week was sued in U.S. court for inciting the murders of Ugandan homosexuals.
Gay activists live risky lives with their lovers and male prostitutes, and should Christian ministers be blamed for their immoral choices? I supposed that if Lively were a Muslim cleric visiting Uganda and preaching death to all homosexuals, he would be left in peace by homosexualist groups, by George Soros-funded groups and even by American hate crime laws. Capital punishment is used frequently against homosexuals in Muslim nations, even when these homosexuals did not commit any rape of children or another major crime. Yet, international groups never charge these nations of “Crimes against Humanity”.

Certainly, there are Muslims preaching death to homosexuals. Where are the Western “human rights” groups to say that these Muslims committed “Crimes against Humanity”? The lawsuit against Rev. Scott Lively is a very dangerous precedent for all Christians fighting the gay agenda. A powerful orchestration of homosexualist and socialist individuals and groups is using a gay group in Uganda to have Lively prosecuted as a “Criminal against Humanity”! If their efforts succeed, no pro-family Christian in the West will be safe. You will not be safe. I will not be safe.

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