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Catholic Church: We're Being Oppressed!

"In a sign of their growing intolerance of people who hold positions other than those of the Homosexual Cultural Revolution, the Media Watchdog Organization which calls itself GLAAD has issued a blacklist of commentators. The effort recruits likeminded parties to 'spy'. They are asked to send reports in to GLAAD if these commentators are featured in local media. GLAAD will then pressure the media sources to not feature their writing. In effect, the organization has established a ministry of propaganda. Its purpose seems to be to ensure that only the positions of the Homosexual Equivalency movement are allowed to be read, heard or considered." - Deacon Keith Fournier, writing for

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Deacon Keith Fournier praises NY Sen. Ruben Diaz for his hate rally through Manhattan. Deacon Keith Fournier claims there's no such thing as being gay. Deacon Keith Fournier claims that as a fat person, he deserves the same "special rights" that gays want.

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