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Daily Mail Rants Against Marriage

Britain's widely-read Daily Mail tabloid, which is a combination National Enquirer / New York Post, today published an unsigned editorial denouncing Prime Minster David Cameron's plan for same-sex marriage.
The Prime Minister and Home Secretary are enthusiastic supporters of the plan, quite happy to trample over the vehement opposition of the mainstream churches and many grass-roots Conservatives. But is being doubtful about gay marriage really the same as being anti-gay? This legislation – which not even Stonewall the most persistent gay rights group was agitating for – is not just about allowing homosexual couples to have a wedding rather than a civil partnership. It is about redefining an ancient and precious institution and recalibrating the entire way we speak about it.
The paper also claims that a member of Parliament has received death threats for opposing Cameron's plan.
Tory David Burrowes, a ministerial aide to Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, said he has been sent scores of intimidating emails and messages on social networking sites over his opposition to gay marriage. Mr Burrowes, a Christian father of six, was forced to pass on the messages to police. He said he was more worried about the intolerance displayed in the threats than the actual risk to his life. But the North London MP has had to seek security advice after one website published details of his travel arrangements and urged campaigners to confront him.

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