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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Joe, We took CPAC back for the Family! Last year, I was forced to stand against the establishment by handing out flyers at the door warning of the homosexual influence. Moral leaders stood by my side and boycotted it en masse -- only 2% of the pro-Family organizations in the country attended. The enemy countered with a slew of Family-bashing speakers who trashed and condemned the Family Movement for protesting. But we stood firm. We fought them and change happened. CPAC rejected the authority of the Radical Homosexual Lobby.

"This year I was allowed to meet inside the event with pro-Family leaders in order to coordinate our efforts. Pro-Family participants accounted for 19% of the total attendance. And pro-Family speakers like Sarah Palin were given the chance to speak up for traditional values and real marriage. Pro-Family groups were manning over 100 booths and directly greeted more than 10,000 people. My friend, this is a major victory for Public Advocate." - Eugene Delgaudio, taking personal credit for the banning of GOProud at CPAC 2012.

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