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Hate Groups Rally Behind Scott Lively

Several notorious American hate groups have rallied behind infamous evangelist Scott Lively less than a week after he was sued in U.S. court for crimes against humanity over his anti-gay campaign in Uganda. SPLC-certified hate group Mass Resistance this weekend posted a several thousand word outraged defense of Lively. An excerpt:
The homosexual movement has enormously stepped up its attack on free speech and religious expression. What you are about to read is the most outrageous legal assault we have ever encountered. [snip] We had planned to do a point-by-point refutation of the charges against Lively in the 47-page lawsuit. But that would be too big a project. Almost every line contains some kind of ridiculous assertion or twisted logic attempting to connect Lively to real or imagined horrors in Uganda. In particular, they take statements he made completely out of context (if he made those statements at all) and try to create a powerful monster who upended the country out of a minor pastor from the US who simply came and spoke at a pro-family conference and before the Parliament. We've never seen anything quite like it. This clearly appears to be the beginning of a new assault by the homosexual movement and the Left in general. To use the power of the courts to severely punish and silence religious expression and free speech that they don't like. And with the backing of Soros and other left-wing heavyweights, they are geared for battle.
Mass Resistance reports that the anti-gay Liberty Counsel and "two other pro-family legal groups" have offered to defend Lively at no charge. Below is the first page of the lawsuit, which can be viewed online in its entirety.RELATED: Visit the website of the Center For Constitutional Rights for a detailed analysis of their suit against Lively. There you'll also find a timeline of Lively's activities in Uganda and the surrounding anti-LGBT fervor that erupted.

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