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Headline Of The Day

Christwire nails me yet again:
Joe My God, the greatest literary bottom bard of the homogay movement, and Aaron Heier [right], the relic ‘cutesy muscle-daddy’ talk-show genre host that makes gay men stamp their claws and arch their back like a screeching 8-ball snort nosed cat in heat are all well known to us. [snip] After Aaron’s getting the NOM contingent blitzed at a bar, Joe apparently took over and used his wordsmithing to trick the NOM personnel into saying all sorts of untrue things that us Christians would never say about gays. They are trying to make it seem like Christians and NOM are trying to create Charlie Manson’s demented visions of Helter Skelter. And now they’ve apparently convinced the New York Times of this mess!
It's totally worth your time to read the entire piece. (I inserted that photo of Aaron myself. You're welcome.)

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