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HomoQuotable - Michael Lucas

"While the thought-police replace our language with words that advance their political aims, they've also mastered the misappropriation of others. Take the word 'racist.' It's about the worst thing one can be called in our society. And it's now being applied to those brave enough to speak out against Islamic fundamentalists. Pointing out the obvious — that mainstream Muslim thought is homophobic, and homicidal toward non-believers — is one of the quickest ways I know of to get slapped with the racist label. Never mind the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race. Interestingly, if you criticize Christianity, the worst thing you'll be called is a 'liberal.'" - Porn producer Michael Lucas, writing for the Advocate.

NOTE: It's worth reading the full column just to see how many paragraphs on English lexicology it takes Lucas to get to what is essentially a defense of his rabid Zionism.

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