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Joe The Plumber: I'm Being Oppressed!

"Remember how the leftwing media crucified Sarah Palin in the 2008 election? Well, now they've made Joe the Plumber their new target. Since winning my primary, the media has made it their number one mission to discredit my candidacy and annihilate my character. I've been painted as a bigot, told I'm not qualified to serve in Congress, and lectured on live TV as if I'm a schoolboy in the principal's office. No, I didn't earn a degree at Harvard, I haven't worked on Wall Street, and I don't make a six-figure salary. I'm a normal American, just like you. I served my country in the military and I've worked day and night to provide for my family. If that doesn't qualify a man to run for Congress, I don't know what does." - GOProud's BFF, Samuel Werzelbacher, in an emailed plea for money.

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