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UPDATE: MSNBC Says "It Was Our Fault"
Maggie FLAKES On MSNBC Interview

We can stop our chortling, Maggie Gallagher did NOT flake on her interview. MSNBC host Thomas Roberts just tweeted:
MYSTERY solved... @maggiemarriage was in a studio ready for our #nom interview it was just the wrong studio booked improperly on @msnbc_booking IT WAS OUR MISTAKE and she has an open invite for the show. Our sincerest apologies.
Well, that was amusing for ten minutes, anyway. But please do watch the below clip anyway and witness Wayne Besen's righteous takedown of NOM's race-baiting.

After plugging the interview several times this morning, MSNBC host Thomas Roberts just showed the above empty Seattle studio and said, "This empty studio chair was supposed to hold Maggie Gallagher, former president and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage. But as you can see she is missing in action, although we did confirm an hour ago that she would be in that studio. I would say, 'Hello Maggie," but you're not there."

UDPATE: Equality Matters has the video.

UPDATE II: NOM quotes me, but doesn't name or link me. At least they're reading JMG.

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