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Pennsylvania Sued For "Year Of The Bible"

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the state of Pennsylvania after its GOP-dominated House voted to name 2012 as the "Year Of The Bible." Dig the section I've bolded.
The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. FFRF names as defendants State Rep. Rick Saccone, author of the resolution, Clancy Myer, House Parliamentarian and Anthony Frank Barbush, Chief Clerk of the Pennsylvania House. “FFRF's membership includes individuals residing in Pennsylvania who have had direct and unwanted exposure to the Year of the Bible Resolution and the hostile environment created thereby as a result of the official declaration of a state religion by the Pennsylvania Legislature,” notes FFRF’s legal complaint. Members include “individuals [who] oppose governmental speech endorsing religion because they are made to feel as if they are political outsiders.” The bible “contains violent, sexist and racist models of behavior that FFRF members find personally repugnant, and which potentially could encourage persons who rely on them to act in a manner harmful to them and others.” HR 535 sends a message of Christian endorsement and disparagement to nonbelievers.
I like this bit too: "FFRF factually contests the resolution, which claims the 'word of God' and 'biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government.'"

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