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Quote Of The Day - Bishop Thomas Tobin

"God created two different genders for a reason – so that males and females could come together, complement one another, procreate, and continue the species. And be very clear about this – same-sex marriage isn’t about procuring civil rights for beleaguered homosexual persons. The recently adopted civil-unions legislation, as ill-advised as it was, it provided the legal protections activists have been lobbying for, but the opportunity has been widely ignored.

"Same-sex marriage legislation is about distorting a venerable institution – not about civil rights. Please be assured, dear readers, that if the debate over same-sex marriage finds its way to the State House once again, the Diocese of Providence, joined by its allies in our community, will be fully engaged in the battle. We will work hard and pray hard for the defeat of this immoral, misguided proposal that erodes the foundation of our society and offends the moral values we cherish." - Bishop Thomas Tobin, writing for Rhode Island Catholic.

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