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Quote Of The Day - Michael Brown

"GLAAD honors men like Joe Jervis, whose JoeMyGod website contains tags describing Christian leaders as 'con men, evil, frauds, liars, scam artists, and douchenozzels,' among those tags that can even be listed here. The JoeMyGod website is also used as a rallying point to target others in the most vulgar and profane ways. I know this firsthand, since it was Joe Jervis’s website that helped launch a short-lived (and ultimately unsuccessful) campaign against my book A Queer Thing Happened to America.

"Commenters joined the attack with posts like these: 'Boys and girls, it's time to tag-spam. Have at it: [with a link to the listing on Amazon]'; and, 'Tag bomb it like Sally Kern's book,' and 'Make sure you leave appropriate tags on the Amazon book review. My favorites ‘author loves rimming’ and ‘guide to fisting.’ (Note that these comments were never removed from the website.) So, in the upside-down world of GLAAD, blogs like this are praiseworthy while men like Chuck Colson and Robert George are not worthy to share their views on the air. This is nothing less than a hypocritical witch hunting campaign by GLAAD, and a poorly executed one at that." - Anti-gay activist and failed author Michael Brown, writing for Townhall.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Michael Brown claims gay activists want Christians thrown into prison. Michael Brown claims that Hillary Clinton is controlled by Satanic homosexuals. Michael Brown claims that the Bible is 100% true except for the parts he doesn't like. Michael Brown leads a hate march of hundreds of Christians to disrupt Charlotte's gay pride parade. Michael Brown debuts his book with a video using small children to ridicule gay families.

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