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Quote Of The Day - Slaggie Gilamonster

"Starbucks has voluntarily decided -- as a corporation -- to associate its brand with a major political issue, the CEO just confirmed. I was in the room. I heard him. Customers across the world have a right to know that contrary to the promises made by the corporation in the Middle East and elsewhere, Starbucks does subsidize political causes. Drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee, sadly, means supporting gay marriage. Speak out, and stop being invisible to powerful men like Schultz. The business of America may or may not be business, but the business of corporations is to make an honest profit by serving all their customers well, both those who favor and those who oppose gay marriage." - Maggie Gallagher, writing for Real Clear Politics.

NOTE: Our tipster for this quote insists you check out the decades-old photo Maggie submitted for the above-linked article.


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