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BRITAIN: Vatican Liaison Calls For Ecumenical Battle Against LGBT Rights

The Vatican's official liaison to Britain has called for all religions to put aside their differences in superstitions in order to unite in battle against the civil equality of gay people.
Addressing English and Welsh bishops at their plenary meeting in Leeds, Archbishop Mennini, warned them they faced a “lengthy and probably difficult campaign”. “I wonder if we shouldn’t ask for and look for more support among other Christian confessions and indeed, persons of other faiths,” he said. “It seems to me that, concerning the institution of marriage, and indeed the sanctity of human life, we have much in common with the position of the Jewish community, the Chief Rabbi and many of the more significant representatives of Islam.” Speaking in London yesterday the second most senior active Catholic cleric in England and Wales, Archbishop Peter Smith, of Southwark, said there had been no “formal” contact with Jewish groups to form a united front on the subject of marriage. But he said: “We will work with anyone who agrees with us that to redefine marriage is not a good thing for society and will lead to more confusion.” He criticised the Government’s plans as “dangerous” and lacking in the usual consultation processes required for major legislation.
Before being assigned to Britain, Mennini was the Vatican's representative in Russia, where, according to Wikipedia, he is credited with "dramatically improving" relations with the Russian Orthodox Church. Wanna bet Mennini has a hand in Russia's recent campaign of oppression?

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