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Brooklyn's Rabbi Yehuda Levin: Mitt Romney Is A Dangerous Homosexualist

Not only that, support for homosexualists like Romney is bringing natural disasters to all parts of the world! You might remember Yehuda Levin for his claim that God was so pissed about gay marriage in New York, he allowed an eight year-old boy to be murdered. Levin speaks about himself in the third person in his clip description:
Rabbi Levin makes the point that it is far more acceptable religiously , spiritually & morally not to vote for Romney & have a loyal opposition,G-D willing,in the Senate & the House, which would energeticly thwart Obama & his agenda as they move towards midterm elections ,than to compromise with the anti G-dly values of homosexualist Gov. Romney. Levin buttresses his point by citing Republican " conservative " N.Y.Gov. George Pataki who was able to advance the militant homosexual agenda in ways that his very liberal predecessor Mario Coumo was unable to do;because he was the top Republican & both silenced & arm twisted his own people like State senate leader the disgracefull Joseph Bruno.
Infighting is always funny.

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