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The Gays! At DISNEY!

The Florida Family Association, who most recently warned against Darth RuPaula, is again soliciting donations to hire a banner plane to fly above Gay Day at Disney World. And as lying anti-gay activists tend to do, they're telling stupidly obvious anti-gay lies.
The airplane banner used during 2011 Gay Day at Disney which appears to have influenced mainstream family attendance at Disney during Gay Day to drop between 50% to 60% and spared tens of thousands of children from the unexpected exposure to this coming out party.Our team has estimated in several years past years that as many as ten thousand (10,000) people entered the Magic Kingdom only to promptly exit before 1:00 pm after witnessing Gay Day patrons. One Gay Day patron’s comments best describes their goal “We need to be seen in the heart of America's playground." It appears from the behavior of Gay Day patrons that they were more intent on being seen rather than seeing Disney World. Just like activists’ attempts to gain access to youthful minds through LGBT characters in video games they also want to impact a captured audience of tens of thousands of children during the first Saturday of Summer Break.
Disney World has never released attendance figures. Ever. But it's no secret that our people are heavily overrepresented among park staffers. Our insiders happily report that attendance last year was the highest they'd ever seen since the event launched over 20 years ago. And as the tens of thousands of people who attended Gay Day 2011 will attest, both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were bursting at the seams, with hours-long waits for some of the most popular attractions. But those inconvenient facts don't bring in the money. Praise! Glory! (Via Right Wing Watch)

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