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Has Another "Ex-Gay" Given Up?

You may remember John Paulk as the nationally infamous "ex-gay" activist once touted on the cover of Newsweek as the poster boy and chairman for Exodus International. Paulk was chased out of the organization some time later after activist Wayne Besen accosted him in a DC gay bar, where Paulk claimed he had only dropped in to get directions on how to get away from there. Or something.

This week it was noticed that Paulk, now the owner of a Portland, Oregon catering company, lists himself as "interested in men and women" on his Facebook page, which is littered with Glamor Shots-style images of Paulk and attractive men. Hello. Besen's own organization, Truth Wins Out, was named in response to Love Wins Out, an "ex-gay" advocacy group founded by Paulk. In response to Paulk's Facebook page, yesterday Besen asked: "What would James Dobson say?"

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