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Homocons Rush To Back Richard Grenell

After American Family Association douchebag Bryan Fischer slammed Mitt Romney for hiring homocon Richard Grenell, the quislings at GOProud rushed out statements backing the new GOP mouthpiece.
"Ric Grennell is the best person for the job. That's why Governor Romney hired him. Throughout his entire career, Mitt Romney has brought together top talent to tackle the tasks at hand. All Americans should want the best people helping to elect him to take on the job of bringing America back," Jimmy LaSalvia, the executive director of the group GOProud, told BuzzFeed. "It's too bad that Mr. Fischer doesn't agree." Others sought to use the moment to cast Fischer beyond the pale. "So to be clear - Fischer believes that gay people shouldn't be hired by the Romney campaign at all," said GOProud co-founder Chris Barron. "Shows what am unreconstructed bigot he really is. It's never been about protecting marriage for bigots like Fischer and he continues to expose what a charade his 'marriage' and 'family' talk has been all along."
Only on the job for a few days, Grenell has already been criticized by both parties for his tweets attacking the appearances of Callista Gingrich and Rachel Maddow, the latter of whom he said needed to "put on a necklace" because she's a "dead ringer" for Justin Bieber. As you'll see from the interview below, Grenell's own gender expression is just on the butch side of Ladybird Bachmann.

UPDATE: Huffington Post writer Michael Calderone today posts a lengthy dissection of Grenell's notorious history with the press. An excerpt was quoted from the Village Voice:
Press handlers are expected to be control freaks. But several sources in the UN press corps who spoke on condition of anonymity describe the U.S. spokesperson as "rude," "arrogant," and a "bully," neither popular nor a particularly good source. "He's unbearable," says one journalist. "Very pushy and very demanding," says another. Grenell is said to complain incessantly, hectoring correspondents and their bosses and trying to "mold" wire stories to fit his message. He yells at anyone whose slant doesn't follow his, says one source. "He yells at people whenever he is uncomfortable, particularly foreigners," says another.

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