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New York Transit Workers Union:
Give Tasers To City Bus Drivers

What could possibly go wrong?
Here's a stunning idea — arming transit workers with Tasers so they can zap bad guys who menace them. It’s the brainchild of state Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), who wants bus drivers, subway conductors and other transit workers to be able to protect themselves and passengers from crazy riders, criminals and even would-be terrorists. Transport Workers Union Local 100 is supporting Adams’ legislative effort because it is tired of its members being “treated like punching bags” by irate riders, said the local’s president, John Samuelsen. “Equipping and training our members to responsibly use Tasers will end the assaults that are currently plaguing our members,” Samuelsen said. “Additionally, it will act as a strong deterrent against crime against our riders on the buses and trains.”
The MTA and the NYPD both say they oppose the idea. The 37,000 member union says it plans to make Adams' bill the centerpiece of their upcoming convention.

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