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NORTH CAROLINA: Local Police Deny Story About Woman "Beaten" Over Yard Sign

Following up on the claim that an elderly North Carolina woman was "violently beaten" over her anti-gay marriage yard sign, I just spoke to Chief Detective Howard Branch of the Robeson County Sheriff's Office.

Guess what? The story was a lie.

According to Detective Branch, the woman in question was not in her own yard, as was implied by Vote For Marriage NC, she was at another house "looking for her sister." Branch told me that there the woman may have argued with a man about a yard sign, but Branch didn't know where that sign may have been located or for which side of the marriage issue it advocated. It's possible that she was complaining about the other man's own yard sign. There may have been no yard sign at all.

Robeson County officers advised the woman that if she wanted to pursue charges about having her car door slammed on her as she left the man's house, she could file for a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Branch said no such claim was yet on record.

Does anybody want to take odds that Vote For Marriage NC confesses to their numerous outrageous lies about this concocted event? How many can you see below?

UPDATE: After I tweeted out my proof that they had lied, Vote For Marriage NC promptly blocked me. Liars AND chickenshit. UPDATE II: NOM is continuing to tweet out links to Maggie Gallagher's blog post about this disproved lie. UPDATE III: Vote For Marriage NC has issued a "correction" but not an apology for any of the lies in their earlier tweets.

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