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NORTH CAROLINA: Man Films Himself Firing A Shotgun Into Neighbor's Yard Sign Against Amendment One

How is NOM going to spin THIS? Somebody please mirror this clip immediately onto your own YouTube channel and send me a back-up link.

UPDATE: Thanks folks, we've now got back-up copies of this shameless assholery. I'm saving your links in case NOM talks this guy into pulling his own clip. In the meantime, please do NOT flag him on YouTube. Let this go viral.

I have spoken to the Kannopolis, North Carolina police department and they are looking into what will be classified a crime if the shotgun was fired onto property that includes a home or business. Kannopolis is 20 minutes outside of Charlotte, so let's also get this on the radar of local media.UPDATE III: As we expected, the clip's maker has pulled it from YouTube. I've replaced the clip with one of the many mirrored copies you folks have made. Thanks!

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