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ONTARIO: Catholic Group Campaigns Against Anti-Bullying Bill

The Ontario Assembly is considering Bill 13, which mandates that schools must organize programs to thwart anti-gay bullying. This has made one Catholic group extremely angry because ordering an anti-bullying campaign is bullying itself.

From the petition campaign launched by Parents As First Educators:
- Bill 13 privileges one group of students (LGBT) over others.
- An anti-bullying bill should treat all students equally.
- We do not believe that equity education should be part of an anti-bullying bill.
- We don't believe equity education has been proven to affect bullying rates.
- We don't support gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in Catholic schools. The imposition of GSAs on Catholic schools IS bullying.
- Bill 13 does not give enough local control to school boards over bullying policies.
- It is unnecessary. Bullying problems will be best solved by mediation between the bully and the the victims, with their families, at the school level. We don't need a new law for that.
Parents As First Educators also warn that anti-bullying campaigns will inevitably include pornographic instruction on gay sex. SRSLY.

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