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COLORADO: Court Rules "Day Of Prayer" Proclamations Are Unconstitutional

The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled that Day Of Prayer proclamations by previous governors were an unconstitutional violation of church and state. Focus On The Family, which is based in Colorado, is furious.
In response to the decision, the Colorado Springs-based National Day of Prayer Task Force (NDP) is urging people to contact Gov. John Hickenlooper and Attorney General John Suthers to challenge the ruling in the Colorado Supreme Court. “With this ongoing assault on the National Day of Prayer, as well as our hard-won religious liberties, we must remain faithful in prayer, and we hope millions will continue to join our NDP Task Force to that end,” leaders wrote in a statement issued Thursday. “Prayer is an indispensable part of our heritage, and as citizens, we must not become complacent or grow weary in our commitment to interceding for our nation during this pivotal and challenging time.”
The successful suit was filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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