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OWS Leads May Day Strike In NYC

As you doubtlessly know by now, Occupy Wall Street protesters are staging May Day strikes across the nation today. But all eyes are on NYC.
Labor groups, immigration advocates, Occupy Wall Street protesters and other activists are planning marches and other events in Manhattan with the aim of bringing daily business to a standstill on International Workers Day, or May Day, today. Leaders of the now-global movement plan events including picketing, marches and other "creative disruptions against the corporations who rule our city," according to a website maintained by Occupy activists. On foot and bicycles, through streets and across bridges, Occupy activists plan to block urban arteries to slow the city's economic engine — from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., according to pamphlets and organizers' word-of-mouth communications. Some say they're willing to get arrested, staging surprise actions to make their point — that financial inequality is destroying our society. The biggest known plan has the support of thousands of union members.
I'll have video as it becomes available.

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