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ARIZONA: Ex-Wall Street Banker Kills Himself With Poison After Arson Verdict

As news cameras rolled, a former Wall Street banker appeared to swallow poison moments after he was convicted of burning down his Arizona mansion. Paramedics pronounced him dead minutes after he went into convulsions on the court room floor.
All eyes were on the court clerk as she read the verdict on a single count. Then the jury left the room so that Cohen and the attorneys could set the ground rules for the ensuing hearing about whether there were aggravating factors that could result in a harsher sentence for Marin. What video later revealed is that seconds after the verdict was read, Marin rubbed his cupped hands across his face with an expression of dismay. His mouth seemed to open beneath the hands and it appeared as if he swallowed something. Then he took a sports-drink bottle from a briefcase and drank from it.
Investigators say they will make no conclusions until they get the toxicology report.

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