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"Big Soda" Strikes Back In The NYT

The astroturf Center For Consumer Freedom today published the above full-page ad in the New York Times. The text:
THE NANNY: You Only Thought You Lived In The Land Of The Free. Bye Bye Venti. Nanny Bloomberg has taken his strange obsession with what you eat one step further. He now wants to make it illegal to serve “sugary drinks” bigger than 16 oz. What’s next? Limits on the width of a pizza slice, size of a hamburger or amount of cream cheese on your bagel? New Yorkers Need A Mayor, Not A Nanny.
Incidentally, my earlier headline that "Bloomberg wants your Big Gulp" turns out to be technically untrue. 7-Eleven does not make food on the premises and is therefore not subject to the coming law, which only applies to businesses inspected by the NYC Health Department.

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