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Bristol Sued For "Homosexual Taunts"

The gay man who tangled with Bristol Palin during the filming of a scene for her coming reality show is suing her for "homosexual taunts." Keep in mind that the below article is from the Christian Post.
Stephen Hanks filed a defamation lawsuit in U.S. federal court in Los Angeles against the 21-year-old after learning that the incident was filmed for Palin's upcoming reality TV show "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," according to The New York Daily News. Hanks, 47, is also suing the Lifetime network, which will air Palin's reality show, and is reportedly seeking $75,000 in damages claiming that he never gave anyone permission to film the exchange which took place at the Saddle Ranch bar. "Bristol Palin's conduct was outrageous," the lawsuit states, according to the wire service. "Bristol Palin first accused Plaintiff of 'being a homosexual' in a degrading manner in front of others."
You may recall that at the time, many of us suspected that the entire exchange had been staged. Apparently not. Here's the clip.

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