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Dharun Ravi Released From Jail

Ten days early, Dharun Ravi walked out of a New Jersey jail today after meeting good behavior stipulations of his sentence.
Wearing a dark blue shirt and khaki pants and sporting a beard, Ravi, 20, of Plainsboro walked out of the building with defense attorney Steven Altman's arm around his shoulder, flanked by Altman's son and fellow attorney Joshua Altman. The two left the jail and headed toward Altman's silver BMW, about 100 yards away from where about 20 media members waited. Neither Ravi nor his attorney spoke. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office filed an appeal of Berman's sentence days after he delivered it, while Ravi's attorney filed an appeal of his client's convictions last week. Both appeals could take upwards of two years before a three-judge panel acts. Federal immigration authorities said Monday they will not move to deport Ravi, who was born in India.
New Jersey's Star-Ledger has had to step into the comments of the above-linked story with a plea for civility.

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