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FL Teacher Arrested After Telling Students To Cut Demons Out Of Their Bodies

A Florida literacy teacher has been charged with child abuse after telling students to cut each other in order to allow the release of the demons which infected them.
Police say Danielle Harkins, 35, told half a dozen teens that they had demons inside them and the only way to get them out was to slice open their skin and then burn the wounds. She was charged with child abuse and held in jail on $55,000 bond, but police say the seven teenagers are still loyal to Harkins and they fear the teacher may have done much worse. Detectives said that two students were injured during the ritual, in which Harkins allegedly instructed the teens to cut each other. 'They would follow that up with some sort of cauterization of the wound to keep the evil spirits from getting back in to the body,' Mr Puetz said. Teens told investigators that Harkins used a lighter to cauterize the cuts, but the wind blew it out. She then poured some sort of perfume on a student and lit him on fire, causing second degree burns, in an attempt to 'brand' him.
Neighbors told the press that Harkins had "extreme religious beliefs."

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