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Minnesota For Marriage Spokesman Claims Death Threat To Gays Was A Hack

Earlier today I posted the Minnesota For Marriage Facebook thread which opened with the the Leviticus command to murder homosexuals. Two hours ago the group posted this message:
Good Morning - Last night our Deputy Campaign Manager, Andy Parrish's personal email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts were hacked by an individual who posted the Leviticus verse below. We are currently working with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Apple to see who hacked Andy's account and who posted this message. Clearly we would never advocate for anyone to be put to death - We strongly believe that people are entitled to love whomever they choose, but they are not entitled to redefine marriage for all of society.
Parrish, who is a former top aide to Crazy Eyes (ahem), has taken to his Twitter account today to post multiple screams about "liberal tolerance." Commenters on the above-linked message do not believe the "hack" claim.

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