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No Jail Time For Faith Healing Parents

The parents of a boy who died of appendicitis while they prayed for Jesus to cure him will not go to jail. Unbelievable.
A jury acquitted JaLea and Greg Swezey of Carlton of second-degree murder charges for failing to call a doctor or ambulance before their son Zachery died of a ruptured appendix in 2009. However, they still faced manslaughter charges. JaLea Swezey pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal mistreatment and received a suspended sentence. Greg Swezey was charged with second-degree criminal mistreatment and his case was continued for two years. The Swezeys are members of the Church of the First Born, which believes in faith healing.
As part of their plea agreement, the parents have promised to call Child Protective Services the next time one of their children becomes ill.

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