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Former Exodus Head To Divorce Wife

Back in April I reported that former Exodus International chairman John Paulk had made some interesting changes to his Facebook profile. Yesterday Truth Wins Out took the story further:
“Ex-gay” poster couple John and Anne Paulk may be Splitsville. Sources tell Truth Wins Out today that John has moved out of the couple’s Portland, Oregon home. Other sources in Portland have informed Truth Wins Out that Paulk was dating a man, although the current status of that relationship remains murky, and that Paulk has frequented homosexual establishments in the city. Speculation on the status of their relationship was heightened today after TWO spotted a cryptic status message posted by John Paulk on his business’s Facebook page:
“After a lifetime of heartache, July 19, 1992 [the date he married Anne] was the happiest day of my life. I will never forget it… It is emblazoned in my memory. And although a lot has occurred since that day long ago and I am on a hard journey right now, i want this woman to know how much she has always meant to me and that no matter where things pan out… I always will love you.”
You may recall that years ago TWO founder Wayne Besen photographed Paulk fleeing a DC gay bar where he'd been chatting up patrons. Paulk later claimed that he'd only been in the bar to use the bathroom. (And buy a couple rounds for the hotties.) Besen notes that Paulk spoke at an Exodus event as recently as two years ago. Besen is calling for Paulk to apologize to the LGBT community.

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