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GOP Rep. Steve King: I'm Going To Sue Obama To Stop Immigration Reform

GOP Rep. Steve King (Iowa) says he will be the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to stop President Obama's immigration reform plan. Wingnut site Daily Caller reports:
“I think we’re talking weeks rather than months,” King told The Daily Caller in an interview Friday about the planned legal action against Obama. King’s lawsuit is in response to the Obama administration’s divisive announcement last month that the government would stop deporting certain illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. The congressman said a meeting was held last Tuesday with potential co-plaintiffs interested in signing on to the lawsuit to prevent the Obama administration from going through with its plan.
King concedes that it will be difficult for him to establish standing to bring the suit.

RELATED: In 2010 King said that cops can usually spot undocumented immigrants by the style of shoes that they wear.

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