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LAX To FLL In 24 Hours

Another flight nightmare from Spirit Airlines.
Passengers on-board a Spirit Airlines flight landed in South Florida nearly a day after taking off from Los Angeles. Flight 310 departed LAX at 10 pm PST Saturday night, but was forced to make an emergency landing in Houston due to an unruly passenger. The 81-year-old man, who is blind, was kicking and screaming. He was taken into custody, but later released. The pilot decided not to press charges. Passengers were kept on the tarmac for several hours until they were allowed off. Once at the terminal, the airline said passengers would be shuttled to Dallas to catch another flight. Spirit Airlines does not fly to Fort Lauderdale from Houston. Irate passengers began yelling and screaming. Theresa Shaviano recorded the confrontation on her cell phone camera. "It was terrible. It was unreal. It was painful," she said. The airline eventually decided to fly in another plane.
Everybody got a refund.

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