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NEW JERSEY: Bullied LGBT Kids Request Meeting With NOM Staffer Kirk Cameron

This weekend newly-hired NOM employee and faded sitcom actor Kirk Cameron will give a speech in New Jersey. And local victims of anti-gay bullying want to have a talk with him.
"In a kind, respectful and constructive way, we'd like to talk to you about the pain your words about being LGBT have personally caused me and other LGBT youth," 17-year-old Corey Bernstein, a N.J. resident and co-chair of the Youth Caucus at Garden State Equality, wrote in a letter to Cameron and his manager. "Mr. Cameron, words casting negative judgments about LGBT people not only perpetuate prejudice in our wider society, but also hurt LGBT youth in particular. Some of your public comments about being LGBT have devastated us LGBT youth. We yearn to grow up in a world that provides us dignity and safety. That is our simple, most heartfelt dream," Bernstein wrote. The Youth Caucus at Garden State Equality is requesting that Cameron attend a lunch at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 28 at the home of a member of activist group Ocean Grove United. Members of Garden State Equality would also be present.
Cameron's handlers say they aren't sure whether Cameron will respond to the invitation. Ocean Grove United plans to protest outside Cameron's appearance.

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