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Send A Prayergram To Outed (And Already "Ex-Gay") Author Jonathan Merritt

This morning just outed and already "ex-gay" Christian author Jonathan Merritt presumably confessed his previous love for hot sweaty mansex before the Atlanta megachurch of his father, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. We'll have to wait to hear how that went over, but today the church posted the above request for "prayergrams" in the names of Merritt and his horribly, horribly embarrassed dad. (Tipped by JMG reader Dwight)

RELATED: In case you're just joining this carnival of hypocrisy, you should know that Jonathan Merritt is a best-selling Christian author and religion columnist for outlets such as USA Today, The Atlantic, and others. Merritt is a popular and reportedly charismatic speaker who tours major churches to deliver speeches about the sin of homosexuality and the perils of same-sex marriage, all while cautioning his audiences to be forgiving and kind as they condemn LGBT people.

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