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ARIZONA: Gov. Jan Brewer Bans Young Immigrants From Public Services

Yesterday was the first day that young undocumented immigrants began lining up to apply for deportation deferrals made possible by President Obama. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer responded by banning applicants from being issued driver's licenses or receiving any public benefits.
Gov. Brewer said the federal program doesn't give immigrants legal status and she's following the intent of the current state law denying public benefits to them. [snip] A spokesman for Gov. Brewer told the Arizona Republic that Brewer's order is intended to cut through the confusion created by the act. "As the (Department of Homeland Security) has said repeatedly ... these individuals do not have lawful status," Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson told the Republic. "They are able to remain in the country and not be deported, and not be prosecuted, but they do not have lawful status." The Arizona DREAM Act Coalition said by signing the executive order, Gov. Brewer was "bullying defenseless young people."
Shorter Jan Brewer: "I may be not able to kick you out, but I can make damn sure you don't drive or eat." Just look at all these terrible teenagers, trying to use up all of Arizona's limited supply of driver's licenses!

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