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Dozens Of Anti-Gay Hate Group Leaders Send Congratulations To Dan Cathy

Virtually every detestable anti-gay hate group leader you've ever heard of has signed onto the below letter.
Dear Mr. Cathy: We, the undersigned, extend our united support for you and your biblical position on natural marriage and the family. We represent some of the largest policy and faith-based organizations in the country, and we are encouraging our members to “eat mor chikin.” As you are likely aware, biblical values and companies that support them are under attack. It is incredibly important for successful men like you, representing a national brand, to unapologetically stand for God’s truth as revealed in the Scriptures. The example of Chick-fil-A and your leadership has encouraged many. We hope and pray that you receive the blessings of the Lord for your faithfulness. You and Chick-Fil-A are in our thoughts and prayers.
Signed by: Mat Staver, Penny Nance, Tim Wildmon, Tom McCluskey, Gary Bauer, Lou Sheldon, Richard Land, Matt Barber, Jim Garlow, Keith Fournier, Michael Brown, Linda Harvey, Brent Bozell, Diana Gramley, and many others. (Via Right Wing Watch)

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