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Email Of The Day - Crazy Eyes

"Fellow Conservative, I need your immediate attention. This is so important I didn't even take the time to format this email. The DCCC (the Democrat's top campaign operation) just released the names of races they are targeting funds for in 2012 as part of their national 'Red to Blue' campaign to take back the majority in the House of Representatives. This may come as no surprise- but my Democrat opponent was added to the 'Red to Blue' program as an emerging race.

"Our constitutional conservative campaign cannot afford to cede a single inch of ground to President Barack Obama and my liberal opponent this summer. With our primary less than a week away- your support is needed now more than ever. As you know, the Democrats have cherry-picked a self-funding, multi-millionaire to oppose me in my re-election to Congress. My opponent is able to pour his own millions into his campaign -- but I am relying on the donations of supporters like you today. The fastest way to make a contribution to our campaign is by donating online. Please stand with our campaign and make a donation today." - Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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