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FLORIDA: HIV-Positive Man Arrested After Alleged Rape At Orlando Gay Hotel

Orlando police say they've arrested an HIV-positive man after he allegedly raped a male patron in a hotel room at the famed Parliament House.
Kenneth Creuzer, 48, told investigators the door to the man's room was open, so he walked in and assaulted him as he lay on his stomach, a police report states. Leaving a door ajar and the blinds open while lying facedown is known as an invitation to sex, Creuzer told investigators. The man told officers he was asleep about 3:05 p.m. when he heard someone come in and assumed it was his boyfriend. When he realized it was not, he began to punch Creuzer, who ran out of the room, according to the report. Creuzer and the man are strangers, and Creuzer was not a guest at the motel, which is part of a resort that includes bars, a restaurant, pool parties and female-impersonator shows. Parliament House, at 410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, calls itself "the gayest place on Earth" and "a gay landmark" on its website.
The suspect has been charged with sexual battery and failing to disclose his HIV status. The long-popular Parliament House has been an alternately beloved and notorious Florida destination for tourists since it converted into a gay hotel in 1975.

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