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HomoQuotable - Azariah Southworth

"Outing Jonathan [Merritt] was not an easy decision. I mulled it over for more than a year and discussed it with friends. Those conversations always ended in, 'Yeah, it’s probably not a good idea.' So, what changed my mind? I was tired of the lies. I was tired of hearing Jonathan say that being gay is not 'God’s best.' Meanwhile he enjoys the company of men. Jonathan’s approach to LGBT people and issues may be less extreme than that of the late Jerry Falwell, but in the end the results and message are the same: Your sexual orientation is a sin and you need to change with God’s help. It’s all lies — and the conversation not only needs to change but the leaders as well. I’m tired of my humanity as a gay man being invalidated by hypocritical leaders like Jonathan, who then expect my support in return." - Azariah Southworth, writing for Salon.

Southworth says he's plagued with guilt that he didn't warn Merritt in advance, presumably to give him a chance to come out on his own. The above-linked essay contains some frank revelations of how Southworth first hooked-up with Merritt at a Chicago conference for evangelicals. Recommended.

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