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MARYLAND: Gay Rights Group Tells Voters To Oppose Putting Gambling On Ballot

The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force has sent a mailer to Maryland voters telling them to oppose placing a vote on casinos on the ballot because anti-gambling forces will turn out at the polls and those voters also oppose marriage equality. Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed:
"If the gaming bill is on the ballot, opponents are likely to spend millions identifying and turning out voters who don't like gambling ... and who also don't like Marriage Equality! So all the 'no' votes on gaming could also be 'no' votes for us," the mailer states. "Numerous polls confirm this, and several bloggers and political pundits in Maryland have said the same thing." The Marylanders for Marriage Equality campaign took issue with the mailer, with campaign manager Josh Levin telling BuzzFeed, "Turnout in heavily Democratic Maryland will be determined by the presidential race – not any other issue, including gambling should it be on the ballot. Opponents of the gambling expansion are clearly using the marriage issue for their own political gain. What's important here, however, is that we remain focused on expanding our 14-point lead and growing the momentum for marriage in Maryland."
Maryland's legislature is considered the ballot measure today.

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